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Household Collective isn't a secret anymore. We're making waves in the media.


Scene Magazine, "In House: Mark Farina"

"Leading into Farina’s set were four DJ’s who built a fantastic house ambiance for the crowd. Anthony Cole started the ball rolling with laser-focus, delivering a fun and energetic set which encouraged dancing of even the meager crowd found early in the night. Following him was massTree, who introduced the crowd to a darker house vibe, including a masterful reworking of The Smiths’ “How Soon is Now.” Douglass came next and embodied much of what is so mesmerizing about house music, knowing just how to let the music slowly build, and then crest in the breaking wave of a new sound. It was the last opener, PK, who was the perfect lead-in to Farina, with a set that geared towards the fun, upbeat attitude necessary for a lively house show."

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The Coloradoan, "Fort Collins music community turns eyes to sex assault prevention"

"Household Collective, a group of Fort Collins DJs, will host a training Sunday where venue owners, musicians and members of the music community will hear from SAVA. They'll brainstorm a list of actions that can be taken to ensure everyone stays safe on dance floors and at concerts." 

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